Amo animali

by pushxitxallxaway

I have stumbled across the most adorable website. It’s called Daily Pets and oh my gosh the pictures are absolutely adorable! I am a huge animal lover, all animals, so naturally I think they are all cute and I had to share. Here are just a few of my favorites!

I think I’ve decided that if I ever get a cat, I’d want to get a Bengal. They are a leopard feline and are beautiful. They are a fairly large cat and have very different temperments than “normal” cats. They love playing in water, they do not like to be alone and are not stand-offish, and they are not usually skittish in the slightest. I haven’t gotten a cat yet because every cat we’ve ever had has been cranky and wants nothing to do with us and that puts me off. I’d like a little love and affection from my pets and it seems Bengals are the perfect fit!

Beautiful! One day..

If you’re interested in the website, here it is!