by pushxitxallxaway

I was watching one of my favorite television shows today called Anthony Bourdain and he travelled to Hudson Valley, NY. I grew up in upstate NY and am very familiar with Upstate Hudson Valley and got a completely new look at the southern part of the valley. Anyone can tell you that Upstate NY is filled with some of the most scenic and beautiful countrysides you could find anywhere in the United States, but I had no idea that there was anywhere half as lovely as this. Located in New Paltz, NY sits one of the most beautiful landscapes I think I’ll ever find in my life… and in the 22 years that I lived in NY, I had no idea it was there. The Mohonk Mountain House. The next time I visit, I do believe I’ll be making a special trip to this resort, just to stop and stare. I couldnt afford to stay there, unless of course I came into money (which I dont foresee happening), but I want to go just the same.

Tell me if you’ve ever seen a resort so beautiful. I had no idea it was nestled away in the mountains of NY. It makes me wonder what else I’ve missed out on because I was so anxious to get away.

I cant deny there are parts of New York that I miss on occasion. I miss the fall when the leaves turn that deep deep red/orange and yellow. I miss the familiar.. and I miss the mountains. I miss apple and pumpkin orchards and the smell of the country air.  That’s about it though. I do not miss the high taxes and cranky people. I dont miss the snow (at all, not even a little bit) and I dont miss being hundreds of miles from the ocean.

I miss my family and seeing people I knew or grew up with at the grocery store. I miss seeing my childhood teachers and I miss aimless scenic drives, with no end result in mind.. just a nice country back road through the mountains.  This is in no way a form of buyers remorse (I guess it’d be movers remorse), I wouldnt move back.. I just miss the small town feeling.

I must say though, there is a sense of freedom in not knowing anyone. I could go to the store in my ugliest pajama’s and my worst bed hair and no one would know me to talk about me. They would probably point and laugh but what do I care? They’re just another face to me, in a sea of unfamiliar faces.

I find myself being lonely these days. It takes years to develop meaningful friendships and I just cant seem to find anyone who fits the bill of a true friend. I’ve met a handful of good people but I just dont seem to have that connection with anyone. I have a few true friends in my life, but they live hundreds of miles away and it’s just not the same. You cant call them up and say, “Let’s go to lunch” and forget about the stresses of life. You cant get a hug (or punch) when you need one.

What Im trying to say though all this rambling is that I do sometimes miss home. I guess no matter how much you love your life just the way it is, sometimes there’s just no place like home.