by pushxitxallxaway

Last night I was surfing the web trying to find cute clothes that fit my style and I found a website that I just LOVE!

It’s a bit retro but the clothes have a modesty aspect to them that I really adore. I hate to see a pretty girl with a nice body type stuffed into clothes that are inappropriate or just down right horrible. It’s such a shame. I’ve never really been one to dress up or go all out but lately I’ve been feeling like a Plain Jane and I want to update my wardrobe. Im a jeans and t-shirt girl who walks around in flip flops at every chance I can get but I really miss having a feminine side. Often times when Im out shopping, I struggle to find clothes that fit my body type. Im 5’2 and just recently I’ve put on a bit of weight (it isnt unwelcome as I’ve always been really thin and have always wanted a bit more meat on my bones) but it’s made for hard times when shopping. I have a large bust but Im tiny.. so most clothes that fit around my body are tight in the chest and the other way around if I go bigger.. so I’ve been looking into dresses that are cute and feminine but also will be modest and not make me look like some sort of sexpot. Here are a few of the items that I’ve found that I really really like!

I find the dresses to be adorable and the necklaces! Oh my!! I love the black and white necklace with the bow, adorable. The necklace with the orange/pink flowers would go great with the one dress too! Hopefully one day soon I can order them.

The next quest I shall undergo will be to find the perfect shoes. I want a nice black highheel pump, can be open toed but could also not be. The only requirement is that they be comfortable (obviously, they have to be reasonably priced as well.. no Louboutins or Jimmy Choos for this girl). I got a pair of black pointy-toed zip up boots a few years back at Payless and I loved them!! They were so comfortable but they were better for NY weather, not Florida weather. Also, they’re a bit too tight now and hurt my toes.. so I really need a few new pairs of shoes.

I really dislike going clothes/shoe shopping. I’d rather just order everything online and send it back if it doesnt fit. I hate going and picking out things that you love, only to have to stand in line in a hot store with your arms full, then cram yourself into a tight little cubicle to try on clothes that never look good in the mirror they give you.. ugh. It’s depressing. I like to wear some thing for a few minutes, walk around it in, sit down in it.. see how it feels.. if it grows on me. Im very indecisive and I like space when making critical decisions, especially about clothing.  Shoes are hard to buy as well because you have to sit there and think what you’re going to wear with it.. then I always debate.. “do I really need these?”, “I have no place to wear these!”, “are my jeans going to fit nicely around  these or jam up around my ankles making me look awful..?”.. BLEH. I really dislike shopping, for myself.

Tommy loves shopping, for him. He always drives me nuts when Im trying to shop for myself.. I always feel like he would rather be anywhere but there. He has a great sense of style though. Very preppy but comfortable. He’s from Huntington Beach so he’s always shopping at Abercrombie and Hollister (they’re out of Orange County, CA) but I just can not bring myself to pay their prices. Their clearance racks are still expensive to me. A pair of destroyed, ripped up jeans are 40$! That’s crazy to me. I know they’re good quality and whatnot.. but jeez. Im a Target clearance rack girl, jeans for 14.99$ and tops for just a few dollars. I love a good bargain!

Next up to tackle.. bra shopping. Tommy got me a gift card from Victoria’s Secret for Christmas and we’ve been to 2 stores, and nothing fits. I’ve gone up a cup size and most stores dont even carry my size. I will have to pick a few out online and cross my fingers. Let’s hope they have some sales!