Il giorno della festa degli innamorati!

by pushxitxallxaway

Il giorno della festa degli innamorati in Italian means, “The day of the party of the enchanted”.. But we know it as Valentine’s Day. I am very torn between the idea that Valentine’s Day is romantic and sweet… and that it’s just a commercial holiday that makes the corporate world a big ‘ol heap of money. Which is it?

I think Im just going to have to go with both. I cant help but get giddy around Valentine’s Day and I know I shouldnt. It’s a day that states the obvious.. treasure the one’s you love. That should be an everyday occurance but I guess being Americans we need that reminder. Fortunately for us, we have Hallmark.

I’ve never really had a really great Valentine’s Day. I’ve gotten flowers twice, once from a friend and once from my current boyfriend Tommy (the first year we were together for Valentine’s Day.. I dont believe he got them last year.. but I may be mistaken as I have an incredible ability to forget everything) and it’s never really been more than that. Chocolates here and there (mostly from my parents growing up) and cards from family. Tommy hates the idea of Valentine’s day.. but that didnt stop me. We were looking through the Valentine’s Day candy isles at Target and they had a little card section and this one just stood out. I picked it up and, of course, teared up as I read it. Im a sappy soul who can cry about just about anything.. so I thought I’d share.

I just thought it was the sweetest card. It’s us.. that’s all I really want out of life (relationship wise), to grow old with him. I dont care about the hype of marriage and the pressures we put on relationships these days. Im content to just be near him forever. We laugh and hug and kiss and fight (rarely) and love one another, just because we want to.. not because we have to.  I hope he likes the card. He’s not at all the romantic type.. which is unfortunate because I eat that right up. Any form of sweetness or shows of love make me happy. It’s who I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions on my face.  I dont think he’ll do anything for me but maybe he’ll surprise me. We’ll see.

Noah loves Valentine’s Day so far. He’s been talking about it for 2 months, since I told him the next holiday after Christmas is Valentine’s Day. We’ve been coloring pictures of puppies with hearts and adding heart stickers to anything we could for weeks now. I thought it’d be a good idea to send out a few cards to the immediate family members this year and have him sign them, since he’s getting good with writing all of his letters. He signed, “Love you, Noah” on 5 cards and added one of his Valentine’s Day colored pictures to each of them. Let’s hope everyone likes them.

Today we made Tommy a card. I had gotten a few little crafts from Target in the 1$ bins (totally raid them everytime we go) and I thought it’d be sweet for him to make Daddy a card. So here it is!

Dont mind the contrast of the patterns.. the zebra print is an old blanket I had it sitting on.. I just realized I should probably have layed it on my black table for the picture but ah, what the hell. I think it adds to it, dont you?

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!


I received a huge bouquet of flowers that he personally made, 2 bottles of my favorite Spumante, a Target gift card, and a beautiful card that made me tear up.. all in a beautiful basket. I was a very happy girl.