Dolce far niente

by pushxitxallxaway

I love going to the library. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a library card. There’s something calming to me about browsing through rows and rows of books.. the endless possibilities. I love to learn and naturally, I learn alot from reading. Im always looking up things that interest me or things that I dont yet know about, and I love it! Oddly enough, when I was in elementary school I hated to read. My parents used to read my school books outloud to me and quiz me on each chapter to make sure I retained the information so I wouldnt fail. Im not sure when I acquired my love for reading but Im sure glad it happened.

I’ve been taking Noah to the library and he loves it too! Of course, it’s not as calm when we’re running through the children’s sections and he’s hellbent on getting any book that he thinks he’ll like, but I think it’s good for him. It’s good to know books are there for you to learn from, not to mention it’s a bonding experience. Hopefully he’ll continue to like reading.

At this last trip, I was really uncertain when going in on what I’d come out with. I have gravitated towards romantic literature in the past several years, but Im really particular. I have a few favorites and they’re great so most are hard to live up to them. My favorites include Elizabeth Lowell, Jennifer Crusie, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Susan Donovan, Susan Mallery, Lori Foster, and Shannon McKenna. I own almost every book by these authors and I find myself re-reading them… and re-reading them.. and yeah..

Lately though, I’ve grown tired of the “classics”, if you will. Anyway, as I was browsing, right off the bat in the “A” section, I came across some books that looked intriguing. You can usually tell the style of book by the cover. When it’s girly and bright and colorful.. that’s usually my cup of tea. When you see the half naked bodies writhing on the front.. you know it’s not.

I came across books by Mary Kay Andrews and I’ve just begun the first book of a 2 book series. It’s called Savannah Blues.

Im only a few chapters in but so far it’s been witty and charming and humorous. In fact, as soon as I finish up this post, I do believe Im going to dive right back in. I cant wait to find out what happens to the main character Weezie (Eloise) as she has just now been arrested for breaking and entering AND possibly the murder of her ex-husbands girlfriend (the girlfriend he cheated on her with). It seems like it’s going to be exciting!

I also checked out the second book, Savannah Breeze.

I’ll have these done in no time and I’ll be sure to give my thoughts on them. I have another book of hers, but it’s not part of this series (as I originally thought) so I may have to look into it, as I wont read it if it’s in the middle of a series! It totally ruins the buildup!

Off to read!