Speranza mi da vita.

by pushxitxallxaway

Hope gives me life.

Tommy and I watch The Ellen Show every day and I am always amazed at how generous she is.  Day after day we watch while she gives away prizes and money and vacations.. what a wonderful person. I think our world needs more people like her. Just look how happy she is, she’s always smiling and laughing and dancing.. why cant we all be like that?

In my line of work (for now), I have really seen how miserable a good portion of our society is and it really bothers me. I have learned to go into everything with a smile on my face and a good attitude. I wasnt always like this, but as I get older I understand that life happens.. with or without your permission and why get upset over small trivial things that really hold no importance in your life. It always astounds me how much gall people have when they come at me like I’ve just delivered them the worst day of their lives. I just want to smack them and ask if they were brought up with any sense of respect for others. It really seems like alot of people just dont care about anyone but themselves and they dont care that the way they act and approach life affects everyone around them, not just them. That’s why I love to watch Ellen, she spreads joy and hope around by just being her.

On today’s show, she had on a young Japanese girl who was an amazing baton  twirler. She only had a small segment, a few minutes showing her twirling and a little chat afterwards, but it was what was behind that gesture. She took a girl from Youtube.com, from a faraway country, brought her to the US (which was probably a huge deal to her), put her on a cable network, and let her show the world what she has to offer. She gave her a few minutes of world-wide recognition, she let her feel what that was like. Can you imagine how that will change her life? The confidence it will give her? The HOPE that she’ll feel inside, not to mention the memories.  As if that wasnt enough, she asked her “what are your dreams?” and the little girl replied, “I want to be a dancer for Disneyland”… so she sent her to Disneyland. She uses her “celebrity”, if you will, in a positive way and she uses it to spread love around. We should all strive to be more like that.

Laugh. Dance. Conquer.