by pushxitxallxaway

Ah, it’s been a few days. I had intended to post the other night but I was too busy at work. There have been a few turn of events that I intend to speak about but first, I want to write about what I found the other day!

I have been searching for black pumps/high heels and I have found a site that looks promising. I found a few different heels, but Im quite a bit intimidated. They are HUGE heels to me. I have read good reviews and bad, so Im a bit torn.  They are by Ted Baker.  Here’s an example.

They are adorable right? I like them because you can glam them up for a night on the town (I really dont have “nights on the town”) or you can wear them with a business suit or work skirt (if I ever find a decent office position). The platform, Im told, really helps with high heels.. gives your foot a bit more support. I may invest if I can find them on sale. Im too much of a cheapskate to pay 80$ for a shoe  that may turn out to be a big mistake. Does anyone have a pair? Comfy? Not worth my time? HELP!

I keep seeing people writing comments like, “Just splurge on an expensive brand like Jimmy Choo”.. yeah right. Not in this economy on MY salary. I had planned on buying myself some new clothing items, accessories, and shoes but I dont know if I can. I have this lingering voice in my head telling me to “KEEP SAVING DANIELLE”. Guess I should.