La vita..

by pushxitxallxaway

An incident occured last week that really took me off-guard. I work for a resort in the attractions area in Kissimmee, FL, and we get a good amount of people from all over the world and I always enjoy hearing about where they came from; weather, attractions, etc.. but something happened and it’s really upset me.

I came into work around 10:50pm, as I work 3rd shift, and the girl who works the shift before mine (she’s brand new) informed me that she forgot to charge this man’s credit card for his stay. I told her to do it, of course. The card declined. She  call the man, on her own accord, and informed him of the situation, NICELY I might add. I could tell he was being rude on the phone by the way she was answering and her posture. She hung up and told me that the man threatened her saying, “Im coming down there and there WILL be reprocussions”. She kept trying to charge his card, and what do you know, one time it worked. She tried calling his room to let him know but his wife said he’d already left for the front desk. Well a few minutes go by and Im checking in the last few guests and I notice a man walk over and stand by the side of the desk, where there’s no barrier between him and I. After I was finished, I asked him in a pleasant voice (Im always nice) “Hi sir, can I help you?” It was him. He was just awful. He kept threatening  me and my job and asking me, “Do you know who I am?” Finally after he kept going and going I said, “Sir I dont care who you are, you need to step away from me and you need to stop threatening me or I’ll call the police”.. he just kept being beligerent. Finally he left. My boss the next day told him he wasnt welcome at our hotel and that he should be ashamed of himself, a grown man intimidating 2 young girls. Well, he wrote an email to our corporate offices saying that I was rude to him “Because Im black”….

I was, and quite franky still am, so upset over this. Why do some African American people, notice Im not saying ALL, play the race card whenever something happens? He could have been the whitest of any white person or he could have been PURPLE but if he spoke to me in a threatening manner, I’d have reacted the exact same way! I just couldnt believe the gall. To top it off, he’s a Pastor at a church. What kind of “man of God” treats someone else like that?

I may not believe in “God” but I sure dont treat people like that. I just couldnt believe it. Why does it seem that the most religious of people, are the biggest hyprocrites at times? I have really lost my faith in the human race. This job has really shown me how miserable people are. I wouldnt be opposed to moving to a ranch in the middle of nowhere and being left alone from people. No one has compassion or respect for anyone else anymore. It’s really depressing how people can find something so unimportant to create a fight or scene over. What is the point? Does it make you feel better to treat others as if they’re beneath you? Ugh.

Do you know what makes me feel good? When I help someone. It gives me a sense of internal happiness when I make someone smile or help someone with something if I can. I’ve had people call to make reservations and they have  questions about the resort or the area and I do my best to help them and they’ll say, “Oh my God you’re so nice!” as if it’s a big shock to them that I’d actually be kind and respectful… that’s about as sad as it gets. It’s sad that an act of kindness is viewed as completely out of the normal. This era of internet and text messaging has taken away human interactions and replaced it with coldness and a distance that leaves people with the thought of, “you mean nothing to me so it doesnt matter how I treat you”. I dont want my son growing up in a world like that. I was brought up being taught to respect my elders and use manners and have an almost extreme sense of right and wrong.. if I threatened someone weaker than me I’d never be able to sleep at night. It boggles my mind the way our society thinks and treats one another.

Alot of it is that self-righteous way of thinking. The world owes me something. These people who rob others or steal things and then say, “that’s how it is on the streets, you gotta do what you gotta do.” No, you need to get a job. You need to know what it feels like to work for a living. You need to feel that sense of accomplishment when you buy your first big item after you’ve saved your butt off for it. Selling drugs, robbery, jail time.. what does that prove? It proves that you’re a crumby human being with no morals. I pity people who think that’s the only way.

Also, I feel like our world would be so much better off if we’d all accept this one thing.  We.  Are. All. Different. People act out violence on people who are different from them, why? We’re all different.. we look different, we believe in different things, we eat different things, we wear different things, we weigh different things… what a boring would it would be if we were all the same. I think we should all just look at everyone’s differences as a good thing. Learn from each other.. why is it so hard to do?

Smile, laugh, be positive… live your life with kindness in your heart. Why wouldnt you want to do that? Ah well, I guess that’s wishful thinking. I just dread thinking of what life will be like as my son gets older. What experiences will he have to overcome? What atrosities will he face? I hope life doesnt chew him up and spit him out. It’s a scary world out there and it’s a shame.