È pur troppo vero.

by pushxitxallxaway

It is too true.

I have come across a book called Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer and I am debating on whether to read it or not. I know the outcome if I do and I dont know if Im prepared to alter my life to that extent just yet. The book discusses what it means to eat animals. It goes into the hormones that our animals are pumped full of and how they affect our bodies and our overall health as a population. It goes into animal cruelty in ways many people wouldnt think about. It gives statistics about our country and the amount of animal we consume as opposed to other countries. It delves into topics that I, as many many other Americans, have choosen to put a blind fold over.

I have, for a long time, considered vegeterianism and veganism as a possible lifestyle but I have always been afraid to make the decision. I grew up eating meat and drinking dairy and have always wondered about the animal I was putting in my mouth. I dont eat meat off the bone as it reminds me that this was once a living, breathing animal with a heartbeat. I would literally get sick to my stomach if I tried eating a piece of meat with a bone. It’s something to think about and I know if I think hard enough, the decision would be an easy one. I just dont know if I can do it.

I am an animal lover. It enrages me to hear cases about animal cruelty or hearing about people who kill dolphins and whales for profit. It breaks my heart in two. I’d kill, violently, anyone who harmed my dog. I would literally torture them. My dog is another child and a legitimate member of my family. A “pet” isnt just dogs and cats. I know of people who have pet chickens and pet pigs and pet goats and pet rabbits and pet fish… I cant imagine that their pets are any different than my dog to it’s owner. A pet is a pet and an animal is an animal.

Im very torn. I really only eat chicken and the occasional steak. I rarely eat ground beef and I really dont care much for pork. I dont think that cutting out meat would really be too hard for me. Tommy on the other hand.. he loves meat. Noah, my son, loves his chicken nuggets and he loves fish and he recently discovered breakfast sausage (has fallen in love with it) and I really think it’d be difficult to convert our house into a vegan household. My son does drink soy milk though, as he has a milk allergy.  It’s something to think about.. and consider.

For more information on Eating Animals by Johnathan Safran Foer visit www.eatinganimals.com . There is some good information to look through and it gives excerpts that I found really informative.

What will you do?