Festa Irlandese!

by pushxitxallxaway

Ah, Saint Patricks Day.

I realize this post is a day late but Im allowed, as St Patty’s Day is my birthday! I’d like to say I didnt post this because I was out all night consuming vast amounts of Guiness and corned beef and cabbage, but it wouldnt be true.

It always seems as though I can never really celebrate St Patrick’s Day. I’ve either had to work the next day or like yesterday, the night of.. or had a baby to take care of. Im really hoping one year we can go all out. It’s pretty astonishing how many people celebrate this “holiday”. Here are some fun facts:

In Florence, Italy they have a 10 day celebration, called Festa Irlandese, that has live music and the Italians version of Irish food. They eat potato soup, beef in Guiness, smoked samon, and drink large amounts of stout. Sounds like a party!

In Norway, Germany, Montserrat, Russian, South Korea, and Japan all have big parades that have their countries twist on Saint Patrick’s Day.  The USA and Canada, aside from Ireland, are two of the most festive.

I have plenty of friends who are not even a sliver Irish who get all decked out in green, which I recently learned was not the original color associated with Saint Patrick’s Day, and go pub crawling. It’s really a day to relax and have a good time with friends. It really isnt that different from Irish tendencies. “Drink a pint and be merry”, isnt that the saying? It’s a day to come together and have a good time, no matter who you are or where you or your ancestors came from.

Saint Patrick’s Day was started in association with Saint Patrick. He is the patron Saint most known in Ireland. He would use a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, as a shamrock has 3 leaves. It’s funny, he was always associated with the color blue but after a while, people started wearing green shamrocks and green ribbons to honor him and alas, green became the official color of Saint Patrick’s Day.

Learn something new everyday.

I always thought it was funny to be born on St Patrick’s Day. If my last name, Brady, isnt any proof, I am mostly Irish.  I was raised in an Irish Catholic family and every year my mom would make corned beef and cabbage for me as my birthday dinner. I always thought once I hit 21, the birthdays would be pretty crazy. Having a little boy at 19, obviously, altered those birthday plans a little bit but I have to say.. I have always had great birthdays. My mom used to decorate my birthday cakes with green frosting and pots of gold and leprechans. We’d have green and white streamers through the house and I’d receive dozens of Happy St Patricks Day/Birthday cards (which btw, I got quite a few repeat cards every year! lol) and we’d have our dinner and it was tradition. It was a day I looked forward to every year not just because it was my birthday but because it was a special day. I didnt have a birthday like everyone elses.

This is kind of a bit ironic as my boyfriend’s birthday is New Years Eve. Him and I both share our birthdays with another holiday. Interesting.

This year though.. I turned 24 and I was at work twice on my birthday. I got out at 7am (actually it was 7:30 as the girl relieving me was late as usual) and drove home 45 mins.. went to sleep… woke up at 3pm.. and opened the bedroom door to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!! LET ME OPEN UP YOUR PRESENTS FOR YOU!! ”  (I found that quite adorable). I let him open them up and he revealed a gift card and two new cookbooks!! I was pretty excited about that. After that I got ready and we went to dinner. We decided on Olive Garden as we both love Italian food. The dinner was great and afterwards we went shopping to use up my gift card. I got a new bathing suit for this year! I always have such a hard time finding one but this year I didnt! I was so lucky. Yippeee! We went home and then it was off to work again.

I didnt really mind working. As you get older birthdays get less exciting and special. I was just happy to get hugs and kisses and to get out of the house and go to dinner with my little family. It was very nice. The night before we put a corned beef roast in the slow cooker with potatoes, onions, and carrots and OH MAN was that yummy. I usually just boil it but it was so much more flavorful in the slow cooker. I will definately be doing that again! 

So, in conclusion.. Happy Belated Saint Patrick’s Day to all!