Amore è cierco

by pushxitxallxaway

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I am a huge animal lover. All my life we’ve had pets. Ginny(mutt dog), Fluffy (meanest cat ever), as assortment of fish, Blue (terrier mutt), Princess (Maine Coon cat), Buttercup (tabby cat) and now Puppy (Yorkie). I want more.

My grandmother and grandfather, before they fell ill, adopted a Great Dane. He was a merle and was the sweetest dog. He was hyper, but sweet. They named him Cooper. I used to curl up with him on the floor and we have pictures of him standing up hugging my mother with his chin resting on the top of her head. I loved him so much and I remember begging my parents to please please take him when my grandparents felt they could no longer handle a dog. My parents said our house just wasnt big enough and he wouldnt get the exercise that he needs. I was heartbroken. I’ve never gotten his image out of my head.

I want a Great Dane. Two actually. I would never turn away a dog due to coloring but if I were to have a choice, I’d want a Black or Mantle (I’d prefer one  mostly black) and a Fawn (brown). I love them so much. They are so gentle and loving while being enormous. They are just precious.

Go to and look through the picture archives and I dare you to tell me they arent beautiful. Tommy really wants another Malamute. He had a female with his ex girlfriend and when they broke up, she took the dog and he has told me how much he loved that dog and what a great temperment she had and so one day we’ll have to get one for him. We’ve also decided that we have to get another smaller dog for Puppy due to the fact that he’s a Yorkie and is pretty small in comparison with Danes and Malamutes. We’ve decided on a Beagle for that dog. I really wanted a King Charles but he didnt want one. I think spaniels are adorable with their big eyes and dopey ears. Adorable! We’ll have a small farm by the time we’re done but I dont care. It may sound crazy but I love dogs and why not surround yourself with things that you love? I plan on doing just that.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!