Dì il vero e affronterai il diavolo.

by pushxitxallxaway

I, like many, have found myself dealing with workplace drama. Mio Dio!

We have two new girls who have just started and the one is seriously childish and the other is someone who just loves to talk.. about everyone and everything. I find myself wishing I could do an “I Dream of Genie” blink and find myself anywhere but there. I am the type of person who will avoid unneccesary drama at all costs. It gives me no pleasure to start up trouble, especially at work. I think those kinds of things are absolutely unwelcome in the work environment.

I find myself in an awkward position. The one girl just started last week and everynight before I run the audit, I have to go through all the guests “folios” and make sure everything balances out to zero and if it doesnt I have to figure out why. Well I went through and found a number of reservations that were off so I figured out the problem and I emailed both her and the other new girl (she’s been here about 3 weeks and had experience with our system from a previous job), who was training her, and let them know that they were doing one charge wrong and told them how to correct it. I let the other girl who’s been here longer than me know (she’s the worlds biggest gossip) so that she could show the girl what I mean, as I leave at 7am. Well I guess the new girl went kind of crazy and said I have alot of nerve and “Im telling ____” who is my boss. Really? Seriously? I was trying to help you so you’d know to do it right. I meant no disrespect. Goodness gracious. Drama drama drama.

No thank you.

We have other petty catty issues going on as well that I dont care enough about to get into. Why do people feel the need to do that? Dont you have enough going on in your life? Why would you WANT to add more stresses to your life? Crazy people!

I am really hoping that someday soon our circumstances will change. Im a dreamer.. I have so many things that I’d love to do and have and help with. I really wish I could win some money or land a really great job. I guess I just have to keep plugging along  until it happens. This isnt forever, it’s only temporary.

Words to live by.