A Mali Estremi, Estremi Rimedi

by pushxitxallxaway

Ah, it’s been a while..

Im sure many things have happened since my last  post but of course, I can not think of a single interesting thing!  Oh wait..

We got a second car finally! I can not tell you how good that feels, apart from the fact that Im freaking out trying to rack my brain to find a way to afford it! It’s a great sense of relief though.. I used to sit up worrying about the fact that if that car stopped working.. we’d have absolutely no way to go anywhere. Now I know that in case of an emergency.. we have a way out. Not to mention the fact that on my days off when Tommy’s working, I can take Noah to the playground.. or I can go to the bank or to the store.. or not even go anywhere… I have the OPTION now, which sure is nice.

Tommy got a new job. He hates it. I texted him to find out how it’s going and his response was “What a joke Danielle, a 5 year old could do this job..”. I feel bad. He’s been waiting to hear back from this other job at a golf resort that he really wants and Im hoping he gets it. It would work out better for us as it’s a much better route from our house and we’d cross paths halfway between so we could hand off Noah and it’d work great.. and most importantly, he thinks he’d enjoy it much better. He’s a people person and right now his job is pretty solitary.. not much fun at all. I hope it works out for him.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may have to stay at this job a while longer. I hate the hours and I dont care much for the people I work with but it’s a stable job and it’s a job I know how to do now and it’s a job where my boss sees I work hard. The hours suck and the drive sucks but it’s a paycheck. Im willing to sacrifice for a while longer. Hell, I still dont know what I want to be when I grow up so I guess I wouldnt know what else to do anyway!

With all the new changes going on in our life we really have to start budgeting our money, in a serious way. We really have to find ways to make the dollar stretch. Im going to be making more meals in the slow cooker I think (at least when it comes to soups and whatnot to bring to work with me) and really quit buying things we dont need. We dont NEED cans of soda and we really dont NEED cookies and chips.. I mean dont get me wrong, I want them.. but we dont need them so it’s okay to cut that off.  We eat out a few times a month (pizza or Chinese) and that’s not a necessity so that can go. We usually have one night of drinking.. which feels like a necessity but of course, it isnt. I think if we really just figure out what has to go to where, we’ll be okay. Im willing to give up my iPhone for right now and Im willing to let the house get a little hotter than normal and Im willing to turn all the lights off when I leave a room.. hopefully we’ll see real savings. We got a Britta filter for the refigerator so we dont have to buy bottled water and we hit up all the Buy 1 get 1’s at Publix. Bottles of soda were 1$ each so we just got a couple, whereas an 8 pk is like.. 4 something. I am making the dog’s soft food from scratch.. let’s hope it cuts down on costs.

I wish I could find something I really love that could make okay money. I dont even need to make alot of money! I want to make enough to be okay.. I would like a little bit in savings and a little bit for extras and plenty for the basics. Im sick of wondering if we’ll make it by. It’d be nice to make just enough to not have to worry. All it would take is just a couple more dollars an hour.  Let’s hope that comes around.

I havent had any motivation to read lately. I checked out a million books from the library and have yet to finish even one.. I LOVE to read.. Im ALWAYS reading.. not anymore. I dont know what it is!

Partly would be the fact that Tommy was home.. Im much more unproductive when he’s around. On Monday, his first day back, I vacuumed, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathrooms, did 2 loads of laundry and folded 1 of his, cleaned the countertops, made a batch of homemade vegetable beef soup, went to the playground, took the dog for 2 walks.. that’s the most work I’ve done since February when he lost his job. I used to clean and cook and be on top of that stuff before when he was working but when he’s home I just love to lay on the couch next to him and be lazy. I dont know what it is..

Well I have to go finish up my work before I clock out in an hour. I’ll write more soon, I promise. I dont know who Im promising as I do believe Im the only reading this lol.

.. I feel looney today.