Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo

by pushxitxallxaway

Buon Natale!

It has been ages since my last blog post. I hate that. A lot has happened and I don’t know where to start.

Firstly, my “in-laws” have moved to Florida and have moved in with us! I love it! I know that’s kind of strange, as usually people hate their in-laws, but I really like having them here.  They are so easy going and we all laugh a lot. Family game nights are much more fun as well.

I found a new job! And then I lost the new job! I am currently unemployed. I don’t like it but right now, I can’t seem to find anything else. I took a new job as a personal assistant for this millionaire and the job turned out to be basically me being his “bitch”, for lack of a better word. I was driving him all over, returning things, answering phones for a company one of his dentists offices while not knowing a thing about dental work, scrubbing his toilets and doing his laundry, doing dishes and mopping floors, scanning things into the computer, vacuuming up PUBIC hair off his bathroom floor, opening his mail and fanning out all this mail in a specific order, picking up his underwear and his girlfriends thongs off his bedroom floor.. it was just bizarre and odd and all over the place. I really really really felt uncomfortable. I just burst into tears at any second. I ended up getting sent home after I had a mini breakdown. I like to have specific tasks and to know what I’m doing. I don’t like scrubbing toilets in my nice dressy clothes and then having to wear that all day long.. I don’t know, it was awful and unpredictable and not my personality at all. I hated not being able to hack it but I just couldn’t function with all that chaos.

I’ve decided I’m going to have to see a doctor about my anxiety/depression issues. I know I used to have problems with depression but I don’t think that’s my problem now. I think it’s anxiety and I’m afraid if I get another job, I’ll freak out just like I did with that one. It’s a big step for me to admit this and be willing to try medication. I hate medication and usually don’t take it unless absolutely necessary but I think now is the time to let that go and get help with this issue.

My parents just left after a seven day vacation! We had a great time! We went to Mickey Mouse’s Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom and Sea World, we went to dinners and breakfast and had Christmas #1 while they were here! Noah’s a lucky boy this year, Santa comes twice! He got all kinds of great gifts and he loved having Grandma and Grandpa here and it was really nice being able to see them after almost 2 years.

Look at all that loot! Lucky little boy!

Buon Natale!!