Dio Mio People Be Crazy!!!

by pushxitxallxaway

Okay, so I legit forgot that I had a blog.. how messed up is that? I just stopped writing because I forgot. Oddball. I shall start writing in it again.

On that note, I am currently on Unemployment Compensation EUC. I received a letter in the mail stating that I had to attend this Re-employment Workshop today. I filled out the paperwork and headed the 40 minutes up to the center in my county. I was met by a lobby full of mismatched people; old, young, black, white, sloppy looking, dressed up, etc. The lady calls for us to come into the room and this lady starts yelling from inside the room, “THIS IS SO STUPID! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME. I ALREADY SAT THROUGH ONE OF THESE BEFORE!! I DONT WANT TO FILL THIS SHIT OUT”.. Im just minding my business and then this crazy old lady behind me starts yelling at people to “MOVE UP WE CANT SIGN IN IF YOU DONT MOVE UP!!! ” Then people start griping because the paperwork is “confusing” (it is not).. I literally looked around and said aloud to myself, “am I the only normal one in this place?”. Sweet baby Jesus people, calm down!

Im often blown away at people. I sometimes just look at someone and think, “how in the hell have you made it this far in life? I’d have died if I were as stupid as you.” Im an awful person, I know. Im not even that smart or educated or have all that much life experience but I swear, Im doing okay. My life is SO not bad.