by pushxitxallxaway

As I was sitting at Noah’s baseball practice on Tuesday, I realized how much I’ve changed since having him. It’s amazing the ways you change to become the best example you can be. I still have a lot of things to work on within myself, (patience mostly), but I’ve come along away.

This year Noah was diagnosed with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It was something I think I knew but it was still quite a hard pill to swallow. He is on medication and it has helped him tremendously in his ability to focus at school. Before the medicine, he was getting into trouble for talking out of turn, leaving his seat, fidgeting, thinking out loud, and just generally being disruptive. He is doing so much better but he still has a lot of energy and a desire to always be doing something physical. A month into his disorder I received a flyer from school for a baseball league in our area for little kids. Tommy and I talked about it and I decided to go for it. I thought it would be an excellent way for him to get out his extra energy and make some new friends. It was a great idea, if I may say so myself. He absolutely loves it. The first couple practices were a bit rough because he wasn’t familiar with the rules and whatnot but last practice he kicked some major butt! I was so proud of him.. I had a happiness for him that I cant quite explain. He’s gaining confidence and the knowledge of team playing.. I love seeing him out there giving it his all.

At this present time, being Valentine’s Day and all.. my heart feels full. I have an extraordinary little boy who, even with ADHD, is brilliant and kind-hearted and has a great future ahead of him and I have a man in my life who has made me a woman in every sense of the word. I learned with him the meaning of love and happiness and trust and respect. I also have a dog and cat who I’d give my last breath for (dramatic, I know) because they are adorable and hysterical and selfless. I have wonderful and supportive parents and family in general who I feel lucky to have. 

Happy Valentine’s Day. Be sure to remember how lucky you are, even if you dont have a romantic partner to celebrate with. Love is love, in any form.