Influenster VoxBox!!!

by pushxitxallxaway

I am so excited. I finally got my VoxBox from @Influenster @InfluensterVox today! I got the email letting me know I was chosen to try out @Ivory ‘s new product and that it was on the way and I’ve been anticipating its arrival for a week now! It is a 2in1 body wash and hair shampoo/conditioner. I had a really long day on the road today and I live in FL (my car’s air conditioner works but not that great) so I was really sweaty and gross and couldnt wait to take a shower when I got home. I checked the mailbox and it was like fate intervened! I raced inside and jumped in the shower with my #Ivory2in1Power and lathered up. I love the smell of it. It’s called Refreshing Scent and it is that. It foams up really nice for both shampoo/conditioner as well as for the bodywash.

Usually, for me, I cant use any kind of 2in1 product because my hair dries out and gets really snarly. Today, after my shower, I took my wide tooth comb and to my amazement.. it glided right through. I usually have to heavy condition to get a comb through my long hair! I was blown away. I purposely didnt apply extra lotion after my shower because I wanted to see if it was hydrating or if it dried out my skin and I see no dryness.

Overall, I am really pleased with @Ivory and their #Ivory2in1Power wash and I am grateful for the opportunity to test it out. Here’s another point for @Ivory.. it came with coupons! How awesome.. so when my HUGE sample bottle runs out, I can run out and grab more with a discount.

Thank you @Ivory and @InfluensterVox and much luck with your new product. You have a new consumer in me!