Busy Bee.

by pushxitxallxaway

It’s been a bit since I blogged and this time I have a good, valid reason. I started school 2 weeks ago. I am loving it (weird, I know). I enjoy having a purpose for my day. I dont mind the homework and I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge. I have four classes this Summer semester and Im breezing right through. I am currently 3 weeks ahead. My advisor had told me to cut down from five classes to four because I wouldnt be able to handle it but Im telling you, it hasnt been hard at all. I guess I’ll see what I think in a few more weeks. I had a big whole dilemma with my professor for my Math class but it all worked itself out and my vacation is on! Thank you sweet, sweet baby Jesus.

I just ordered a make-up kit from E.L.F. for only 18$!! Im not excited or anything.. it’s normally 40$, so that’s a deal. My makeup is getting a little ragged and low so this is just in time to replenish. Now I need a makeup case and a nail polish case.. and a brush and comb holder.. and holder for my blowdryer and straightener and irons.. I need to start organizing my bathroom a little better. It’s a cluttery mess at the moment.

I need to go start dinner but I am going to blog about this crazy reoccurring dream I keep having. It’s bizarre and I dont know why I keep dreaming the same exact thing. I’ll blog about that tomorrow.

Happy Thursday!!