Oh my GOSH!

by pushxitxallxaway

I am absolutely giddy today! Here’s why:

I just became a mark. Rep!! Yep that’s right, Im selling mark. by Avon. They have such gorgeous products, it’s not even funny. I have my eye on some turquoise jewelry and a bag and.. I have to stop.  They also sell makeup!! My fav. I am waiting to receive my Business Kit, which will include some products to test out. I’ll tell you how it goes. For now though, visit my mark.et and support me in this new business venture!


I’ve also started my own business! HOLY SHIIIT! 

It’s basically an extension of my blog. My business is called Sunshine. Laughter. Love. and I will be selling handmade items. I just bought a sewing machine, thread, ribbon (fabric coming soon!), and bought a domain and site host. I am over the moon! I wanted to find something to do in my spare time, aside from my school work (which will come first), that could make me a little extra money and keep me busy. These are the items I have in mind:

  • cosmetic bags (big ones, medium size, and travel)
  • change purses
  • reusable bags
  • laundry bags
  • tote bags
  • pillow cases
  • beach towels
  • pot holders
  • t-shirts
  • dresses
  • seat belt covers (I refuse to use those ugly sheep material ones, I want cute.)
  • bath towels
  • blankets
  • animal collars
  • hanging organizers
  • curtain tiebacks
  • dish towels
  • place mats
  • cloth napkins
  • pan gloves (things that are on stovetop pans so you dont burn your hands)
  • belts
  • ..and maybe more.

All of the above will be in cute, funky, chic patterns. I hate using the basic dish towels and the basic curtain tiebacks (I always make my own with a cool pattern).. and I wont pay a bunch of money for a “chic” cosmetic bag.. I’ll make my own, thank you very much.

What does everyone think?