She is cat. Hear her ROAR.

by pushxitxallxaway

Last night, in the absolute dead of night, Tommy and I were both startled bolt upright by a blood curdling squawk/scream. The both of us thought someone was under attack. The cat had been in our bedroom window, keeping watch as usually, and must have saw another cat or some kind of animal. We have those ugly as sin vertical blinds and when she pounced and screamed at whatever animal that caused immediate threat to our lair.. the clatter was deafening. I jumped up, without my glasses mind you, and ran/tripped/hopped to the window to see what had made her so mad but saw nothing. She jumped up next to me with her front paws on the ledge and started this bull stomping thing with her back feet and was shooting strong puffs of air out of her nostrils. Honestly, this was the funniest thing, after the initial heart-stopping few seconds, because this is the cat that hauls ass inside when a squirrel looks at her funny. She has a squirrel that she is friends with (it hangs on our screen porch and calls to her and out she goes) but there is one she is scared shitless of.  Any odd or new sound she hears has her running under the bed hiding, so this was just so damn funny. I really hope it was something big, like a raccoon or something, and not just a mouse or the hated squirrel because it makes her seem so badass to me now. 

Afterwards, while doing her bull stomp, I stroked her and told her she was a good girl for keeping us safe and she followed me up into the bed and laid half on my face purring extremely loud, killing any chance of going back to sleep.. which was a long shot anyway seeing as how I was in kung fu panda mode. 

I just cant help but laugh at the noise she made. It was truly a squawk/scream.. and it was so freaking loud. She’s a petite kitty, not very big at all, and the thought of that much sound coming out of her is hysterical. She wanted that night walker to know.. SHE IS CAT! HEAR HER ROAR!