Why does it have to be this way?

by pushxitxallxaway

Since relocating to Florida in 2008, I haven’t been able to hold onto a job to save my own ass. The key problem? The lack of respect, the entitlement of managers to treat you as their punching bag, the expectation of nothing but perfection, and the lack of compassion shown. Maybe Im naive in thinking this, but does it have to be like that? We, as humans, are programmed to make mistakes here and there because that is how we evolve. It’s been that way since the beginning of time and it will continue to happen until the end.. so why the insults? Why the yelling? Why the diminishing rantings among colleagues? There is no compassion.. no time taken to listen, absorb, explain a different approach, reassure, and encourage. Im not saying management needs to coddle employees but they sure dont have to rip them a new asshole everytime an employee makes a mistake. I could see if millions of dollars or lives were at stake.. then a certain level of competence should be expected but for Christ’s sakes… I do not need to be put down because pickles were put on a hamburger or a coupon was lost. 

I get to a point at a job where I just cannot hold my tongue any longer. I get to a point where conversations have been had and things haven’t changed and I tell the responsible parties just where to go. Im not saying my actions are justified.. but I want that element of, “Oh man, she’s serious..” because yes, I am serious. Speak to me with respect and kindness because when have I not spoken to you with those things?

Customers. Jesus H. Christ. Customers can be the most miserable, ill tempered bastards. Just because one is in the customer service industry does not mean they are not worthy of your respect. Chances are, they have degrees and are not the imbeciles you think they are.. they are people with shitty luck and circumstances that could really benefit from a little compassion. Tips are good too, but smiles and understanding make us feel like we’re people too, not a doormat or a slave for you to wipe your feet on or order around. 

I’ve begun to give those rude actions back. I’ve gotten a few shocked stares, a few of those ‘if looks could kill’ eye squints and surprisingly, I’ve gotten a few, “Im sorry, I didnt mean to sound so rude” comments. I had an older guy in his late 50s or early 60s verbally bash me in front of a his party of 9 because the cooks didnt put a ramekin of ketchup on his plate for his french fries , to which I gave him a “are you fucking kidding me…??” look and said “Wow, nice guy. Do you speak to your children and grandchildren like that?”. The rest of the meal no one made eye contact with me. Yes, that’s right. You SHOULD be ashamed of yourself for 1. Speaking to a female like that. 2. Thinking it’s okay to speak to ANYONE like that over ketchup. I am a person, I am a mother, I am someone’s daughter, I am someone’s something.. how would you react if someone berated your loved one over something silly? How would you feel if a grown man showed blatant disrespect for your little girl? The fact of the matter is, Im not a little girl anymore. Im a grown woman who was brought up to treat others with the respect and dignity that they deserve and I dont settle for less.

Maybe it’s silly to think, but why do people need to be so damn mean and horrible to each other. Smile, hold the door for someone, say excuse me and please and thank you, tell someone you hope they have a great day, let someone waiting at an intersection go ahead, tell a random person how adorable their outfits is.. be nice. 

Im not a saint and I have shitty days just like everyone else but I am not disrespectful. I know that my shitty day is not a result of the customer in front of me or the secretary at the doctor’s office. Taking your upset out of innocent people just breeds a forward momentum of upset and unhappiness. Even at work when coworkers slack, I’ll go up with a smirk on my face and say “Hey.. if you dont fill the ice.. Im gonna hunt you down and kick your ass!!!” and I laugh and they laugh.. which brings about the “Im sorry but Im just really busy and cant get to it” or the “oh man, I forgot about that!”. If they’re busy and I have a minute.. I’ll do it myself, which usually results in them being appreciative and help me when Im in a jam. It’s give and take, it’s compassion and lots of laughs.

Yeah I swear like a trucker and I have the “bitchy” resting face, but I live for love and I love to live and I just wish people would take the time to be nice. Stop being so mean. Stop taking out your shitty day on people who have no part in it.



Find joy in Sunshine. Laughter. and Love.