One of my friends made a list of 30 things she wanted to accomplish by the time she turned 30 (she just turned 29), and I figured, why not set goals for myself for this year. Im a major procrastinator and I’ve had things I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but I’ve yet to start.. so perhaps having a list on my blog as a reminder will give me the kick in the arse that I need to get going! Im going to add a couple things that I’ve wanted to do that I just recently did because it’s going to show me that hey, you’ve done some.. DO THE REST! Oh, and Im only doing 15… I know myself.

  1. Start a cookbook of my favorite recipes.
  2. Savings Account.. add money to it( and leave it there!).
  3. Buy books/audio cds to learn Italian fluently.
  4. Take family portraits and get them framed.
  5. Buy a new vacuum and burn the other one.
  6. Find a career path that suits me (not necessarily THE job, but an idea as a start).
  7. Get my first professional massage (Im not partial to getting more).
  8. Plan a couple weekend trips for the family.
  9. Buy myself a slow cooker.
  10. Start mastering the art of… Pastries and Desserts.
  11. Make myself a dental and eye appointment and GO!
  12. Teach Noah how to read words with more than 3 letters.
  13. Get a haircut that I adore and maintain it.
  14. Branch out and find new authors to read (stop re-reading the favorites!).
  15. Take a few college courses in areas Im interested in… just because.

The items in italics are ones I’ve begun and obviously the ones crossed out are one’s I’ve accomplished.

Updated 08/17/2010

Not doing too shabby!